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Eva Build represents the elite in the field of Construction Project Management in Romania. With a carefully selected team of professionals, we take pride in the fact that each member of our team is among the best in their respective fields. In times when many talk about expansion and endless growth, we believe that in the realm of Management services, expansion can dilute the essence of professionalism. Therefore, Eva Build aims to remain a symbol of excellence, similar to what Rolls Royce represents in the automotive industry.

Our choice to exclusively collaborate with a select number of developers in the market is not only a statement of our quality but also a testament to our dedication to each project we take on.

In a world where quality matters, Eva Build persists as a symbol of excellence. Working with us, our clients quickly understand that this excellence comes with a price but also with a guarantee of perfection and precision at every stage of the process.

The difference between dreaming of excellence and living it is often determined by the partnerships we choose. Eva Build is the choice of those who can afford to embrace excellence.

The question is: Are you ready for excellence?

Consultancy Company in the Construction and Real Estate sector

Current Services

Our company’s project dedicated teams offer cost estimation, acquisitions and construction management services for all types of buildings: office, commercial, residential, mixed-use, industrial and logistic buildings.

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Our Partners

We become part of the buildings we handle and team up with our Client, turning their success into our philosophy.

Here’s what our customer experienced

EVA BUILD has shown us what quality means, both in the management services provided and in the delivery of the final product. The projects turned out exactly as we wanted and even if it sounds clichéd, the company showed maximum professionalism. I highly recommend EVA BUILD! 

Andrei Diaconescu

One United Properties

In construction there are many headaches given by the market, employees and collaborators. But the association with EVA BUILD was not one of them, as it was a long-awaited breath of fresh air. The company managed a complex development project, demonstrating professionalism, commitment, problem solving and proactive communication, perhaps the rarest and most essential quality in the construction industry. 

The collaboration with EVA BUILD was more than a successful partnership, for us it was an example of how to do management and an encouragement that things can be done at a high professional level in Romania! 

Cristina Capitanu

Lemon Interior Design

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