Herăstrău Apartments

Parc by Herăstrău Apartments is an ambitious real estate project that aims to bring future residents an oasis of tranquility and fresh air only 30 minutes from the 0 km of the capital.

The complex is located in the northern part of the capital, namely in the centre of Tunari, unanimously recognized as the most attractive area for people who want a home either for personal comfort or for a long-term investment.

We are surrounded by two parks, the house of culture, kindergarten, and within 50 m we have a stadium, football field, market, commercial spaces, gym, school, town hall, police, public transport station and other state institutions.

It is the only private land in the area, otherwise it borders public land and institutions, representing a great advantage of the project, especially in that the view will not be obstructed by future construction. The complex will consist of 2, 3, or 4 room apartments (urban villas with separate entry and private courtyard), totalling 90 buildings, built in accordance with the latest standards in terms of living space. The complex will benefit from lifts, secure access to the inner courtyard and 99 parking spaces for residents, so that each resident will be able to park their car safely in the immediate vicinity of the house.