One Floreasca Vista

Continuing to evolve and increase the value of the neighborhood, One Floreasca Vista will be a high quality residential development with a beautiful panoramic view of Lake Floreasca. The development is conceived as a luxury residential complex, located in a quiet and exclusive area, just minutes away from the park.

One United Properties focuses on premium developments that are aligned with its vision for quality and sustainability. When developing a project, the company aims to create the perfect mix of location, architecture, design, high construction standards and integrated services for future residents.

Featuring exclusive apartments, stunning views, lakeside location, sustainable and sustainable principles, innovative design and integrated amenities, One Floreasca Vista will have 6 floors and a unique selection of approximately 60 premium apartments, ranging from one to four bedroom terrace apartments to garden duplexes and modern penthouses. Among other facilities specifically designed for this development, the residential complex will also benefit from underground parking.

Residents will be greeted in a spectacular lobby designed by Lemon Interior Design, while the apartments will offer occupants a sense of exclusivity as each property will be unique and innovatively designed.

Similar to any building developed by One United Properties, this new structure will also incorporate an energy-efficient, green-certified plan with minimal environmental impact.

One Floreasca Vista is the choice of a spectacularly designed home that caters to all individual needs and desires, offering exclusive apartments built to high standards, sustainable and energy efficient.